The Invention of the Cross

oxford dictionary of the christian church
In this document an official source states that Helena didn’t find a cross: ‘THE INVENTION OF THE CROSS’ (‘Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church’, p. 842 in the 1997 Edition; Also, ‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed., Vol. iv, p. 524). The international panel concede that Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine (d. 337), ‘invented the [...]

From whence this Holy Fire?

From whence this Holy Fire? From the Sepulchre of Jesus? No! From the Ark of the Covenant! Beginning with Constantine, in a movement that spanned many centuries, the Greek Orthodox patriarchs went to great lengths to issue laws restricting the rights of Jews. Spurred on by greed, in an event that shaped history, the patriarchs convinced s [...]

The Myth of the Temple Mount

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The diagram indicates the location of the inner courts of Solomon’s Temple under the ruins of the Nea church and Resurrection Park in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The people say, The time is not come, the time that the Lord’s house should be built Is it time for you to dwell in your roofed houses, and this house lie waste? Go [...]

A Message To All Jews

The Aron HaBrit is in the Armenian Quarter in Yerushalayim! The patriarchs of Orthodox Christianity have secretly been in possession of the Aron HaBrit for 1684 years.  They have kept the Aron hidden from the world for 1684 years. They produce the Aron once a year, during Easter for the ceremony of the Holy Fire.   The Aron was in the aedicul [...]